Adoption Kit



The Adoption Kit is a toolkit of resources designed to help accelerate the use of your organization's self-service features and functionality, ultimately contributing to a successful Workday rollout. The Adoption Kit subscription includes just-in-time support materials for common employee and manager self-service tasks, in addition to a wide range of templates and assets to help you maximize everything that Workday has to offer.

Adoption Kit Content Catalog: Includes all current titles organized by functional area, audience, topics covered, and type (i.e. job aid, video, script etc.).



Sample Materials and Use Cases

Click on the links below for samples of the materials we include in the Adoption Kit.


Benefits of Adoption Kit

"As a corporate trainer with over 25 years of experience in the industry, I've found the Adoption Kit to be very helpful. From an instructional design perspective, the content is clear and very easy to understand. And when different languages are needed, my colleagues overseas are able to translate the content without difficulty." - Rick Kerner, Talent Development Partner

1. Save Time and Costs
  • No need to start from scratch! Accelerate the design and development of learning materials by using the Adoption Kit content as-is or customize as needed for your business.
  • Save Time! Workday Education experts spend hundreds of hours to create, maintain and enhance materials with each Workday release (twice a year).
2. Accelerate Self-Service Usage
  • Improve and increase the usage of manager and employee self-service tasks within Workday by leveraging Adoption Kit content and get users up-to-speed in no time!
3. Customizable Content
  • All content is provided for customers to tailor it to their business needs. It's as easy as adding or editing steps and swapping out screenshots. All the upfront work has been done for you.
4. Enhance Your Change Management
  • Use email templates and posters to raise awareness of Workday to your workforce.
  • Expert guidance is provided through timelines and checklists to roll out the Adoption Kit and Workday communications.


The table below is designed to give you insight into the process to create, maintain, and enhance the materials delivered in the Adoption Kit.

Hours Saved Updates & Maintenance Description


Analysis / Discovery

Experts learn about new self-service features and functionality before each release. Our team reviews all Adoption Kit content alongside the upcoming Workday release for any changes and/or updates.



After analysis, our team updates all Adoption Kit content to match the upcoming Workday release including any new and changed features and functionality. Screenshots, steps, demos guides, etc. are all updated to mirror the upcoming Workday release.


Development of new content

We continue to enhance the Adoption Kit by adding new content and streamlining existing materials. New content developed includes job aids, webinar templates, and communication and change management materials.

    Useful Links

    Adoption Kit in Brainshark: All Adoption Kit content is stored here. Training Coordinators and Training Admins will go into Brainshark to download the latest Adoption Kit content twice a year. If you have additional access questions, please have your Training Coordinator log a training case to the Workday Customer Center.

    Content Catalog: Includes all current titles organized by functional area, audience, topics covered, and type (i.e. job aid, video, script etc.).


    Training Coordinators can submit a training case via the Workday Customer Center to get more information about anything—offerings, purchasing training, etc. Review the FAQ on how to log a training support case. You can also review the Adoption Kit datasheet.