Community Policies

This is a collaborative business community. Our objectives are to:

  • Facilitate connections and collaborations among Workday partners and customers.
  • Better connect Workday with your needs.
  • Provide an informative website about Workday activities and products.

To expedite these collaborations, forum posts and comments are posted without approval. To ensure this community continues to meet our objectives:

1. The Workday Community Is Not a Support Desk

The Workday Community is for Workday users to connect and collaborate. If you need official product support from Workday, have your Workday named support contact log a case with Workday Support.

Never under any circumstances create posts or comments describing potential security vulnerabilities or inappropriate authorization bugs.  Always contact customer support when you think you may have discovered an authorization or security bug.

2. Be Respectful and Professional

The Workday Community is comprised of a wide variety of people. Some people work at companies with liberal views, others work at highly conservative financial or religious institutions. It is paramount that all posts are respectful and professional. Workday reserves the right to pull any post that we feel is offensive or inappropriate. If you see a post you do not want on the site, contact us immediately.

3. Don't Post Personal, Confidential or Job Posting Information

Never post any personally identifiable information about your employees or company confidential information in the Community. This means you should  also be careful of the screen shots or attachments you post in the Community. 

We also do not want people to post job postings in the Community.  Recruiting from other customers and partners on the Community can be disruptive to those organizations.  

Also, be aware that although it takes a username and password to login and participate in the Workday Community, once somebody is in the Community, there is nothing we can do to keep them from copying / pasting and emailing out that information. Although this is not likely to happen, it is possible and you should make your posts with this in mind.

4. Don't Disclose Confidential Workday Information in Public Forums

Confidential Workday information shared in the Community (for example future product functionality and update schedules) should not be shared in public forums such as social media, blogs, or external discussion groups. If such information is found to have been shared publicly, the author will be asked to remove the content.

5. Safe Harbor for Future Looking Statements

Workday collaborates within the Workday Community to better understand the features we need to build for our customers.  This means that we often share design ideas and thoughts.  All comments and statments by Workday regarding features, functionality and service that are not currently available are subject to Workday's Safe Harbor Statement.  

6. Don't Discuss Other Companies' Practices or Implementations

Workday Community members should refrain from discussing a customer or partner's company business practices or implementation specifics. Workday Community members can say things like "during one customer implementation we ..."  However, they should refrain from mentioning specific customer names in such a post.  

Customers can of course choose to post information about themselves openly. Workday members may make comments to these posts but should be careful not to reveal additional information about that company. This policy is in place to keep us in compliance with our privacy policy. Our customers' privacy must be respected!

7. Don't Discuss Other People

People may discuss or describe something about themselves. Do not brag about or criticize other people. Bragging can stir up jealousy and criticisms can hurt feelings. Feel free to praise or critique a post or a product feature.

8. Don't Use the Community as a Place to Escalate a Problem

Your engagement manager, customer success manager, or support manager can assist you with escalating problems. Escalation channels can go as high as Dave Duffield when appropriate. We use chain-of-command escalation because it allows Workday to operate efficiently. If this Community begins to circumvent that, Workday will not be efficient and will accomplish less for all.

9. Share and Verify

The Community is a great place to share solutions and ideas.  However, any idea you find in the Community should be tested and verified thoroughly in your own sandbox before deploying in production.  These shared solutions may not work in your environment, may be out of date, or just wrong.  If you find an issue with a shared solution, post a comment to help others. 

10. Do Not Run Automated Tests or Scripts 

Do not run automated scripts or bots on the Community.  

11. Access Can be Revoked

If persistent disruptive or malicious behavior occurs, Workday reserves the right to revoke access from any Community member.

If you wish to be removed from the site, contact us.

Questions About This Policy

Additional information can be found:

The Workday Community policies will evolve with time and experience. This page will be updated as appropriate. 

Feel free to post a comment below or contact us if you have questions.