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Workday Pro is a customer-focused accreditation program targeted at customers who want to actively engage and work side by side with the Ecosystem on a path to develop a similar level of knowledge and expertise. It consists of a number of tracks, each with relevant courses plus an exam.

This program is designed for select individuals with exceptional technical and functional expertise, who are able to commit the time and monetary investment needed to complete this program successfully. 

Workday Pro is only available for employees of Workday customers.




Customers Gain

  • Greater confidence in their employees’ abilities to deliver similar levels of value as an external consultant
  • Lower total cost of ownership 
  • Faster time to value
  • Streamlined access to the Touchpoints Kit along with succinct training at no additional charge.

Individuals Gain

  • Increased self-sufficiency with their Workday tenant
  • Enhanced ability to maintain the Workday system
  • A deeper understanding of current and new releases
  • Ability to extend functionality and value independently
  • Recognition of a generally accepted level of Workday understanding and skill
  • Access to update training that only our certified consultants and Workday Pro’s have access to

Help Your Manager See the Benefits

Ready to become a Workday Pro? Help your manager understand the benefits for both you and your organization by using the Workday Pro Proposal to summarize the components, cost, and value of Workday Pro in a proposal email.

Workday Pro Tracks

If you are interested in enrolling in Workday Pro you can find out what is included in each track and enroll by clicking on the track link below. 







Want an overview of which courses qualify for each track?

To understand which Workday Education classes qualify for a Workday Pro track, visit the Workday Pro Course Matrix. To see this information organized by Workday Pro track, review the Workday Pro Track to Required Courses Matrix.

Customer Testimonials

"The Workday Pro certification for reporting allowed me to confirm the skills I learned from both Workday training and on-the-job application. It reinforces my credibility within my team as a reporting expert, and shows that I meet Workday’s generally accepted standard for advanced reporting expertise."

-Nathan Wright
HRIS Analyst

"Workday Pro accreditation validates the skills I have amassed through training, Community exploration, and on-the-job application. It confirms that I meet Workday’s generally accepted standard for HCM, Compensation, Reporting, Security, and Business Process expertise. It reinforces my credibility within HR, and cross-functionally in Finance and Procurement,  as a Workday expert."

-Wendy Walker
Director, HR Portals, eLearning & Innovation


Training Coordinators can submit a training case via the Workday Customer Center to get more information about anything—offerings, purchasing training, etc. For information on how to log a training support case, review the FAQ.

For information on other training offerings, reference Workday Education.

To find out more about Workday Pro, review the following resources: