Community Policies

This is a collaborative business platform, provided by Workday to facilitate connections and collaboration between Workday employees, partners, and customers.

Collaboration content, such as forum posts and comments on the Community, is posted without moderation. Workday will remove content and revoke individual memberships if our Community policies are violated.

Don't Disclose Confidential Workday Information in Public Forums

Confidential Workday information shared on the Community (for example, future product functionality and update schedules) may not be shared in public forums such as social media, blogs, or external discussion groups. 

Don't Post Personal or Confidential Information

Never post personally identifiable or company confidential information on the Community, including business practices or implementation specifics. Remove or black out personally identifiable information in screenshots or attachments.

Be Respectful and Professional

All posts and comments made on the Community must be respectful and professional. Workday will remove any post that we consider offensive or inappropriate. If you see a post you believe violates this policy, contact us immediately.

Don't Post Job Openings or Other Services

Job postings and service promotions are not allowed on the Community.

Don't Run Automated Tests or Scripts 

Automated scripts or bots are not allowed on the Community.

Test Contributed Solutions Thoroughly

Workday strongly recommends that you test and verify contributed solutions or suggestions in your Sandbox tenant before you deploy to Production. If you find an issue with a contributed solution, post a comment to help others.  

Use Appropriate Channels for Product Support and Issue Escalation

For product support, ask your Workday Named Support Contact to log a case with Workday Support. Your engagement manager, customer success manager, or support manager can assist you with escalating issues and troubleshooting possible authorization or security bugs.

Never describe potential security vulnerabilities or inappropriate authorization bugs in Community posts.

Safe Harbor for Forward-Looking Statements

All comments and statements by Workday regarding features, functionality, and services that are not currently available are subject to Workday's Safe Harbor Statement.  

Additional Information

Please contact us if you have questions.