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Workday Pro is a customer-focused accreditation program targeted at individuals who want to actively engage and work side by side with the ecosystem on a path to develop a similar level of knowledge and expertise. It consists of a number of tracks, each with relevant courses plus an exam.

This program is designed for select individuals with exceptional technical and functional expertise, who are able to commit the time and monetary investment needed to complete this program successfully. 

Workday Pro is only available for employees of Workday customers.




Organizations Gain

  • Increased self-sufficiency to configure, adopt, and maintain Workday
  • Greater confidence in employees’ abilities to manage and enhance Workday
  • Assurance that your Workday experts are up to date on the latest features

Individuals Gain

  • Similar education to that of a Workday-certified consultant
  • Update training with every Workday release at no additional cost
  • Recognition of a generally accepted level of Workday understanding and skill
  • Access to the Workday Touchpoints Kit
  • Access to a private collaboration group of accredited Workday Pros

Roles Best Suited for Workday Pro


Core Responsibilities

Workday Administrators

  • Owns changing and supporting Workday configurations
  • Understands the functional areas of the product
  • In-depth knowledge of Workday configuration tools

Integration and Security Leads

  • Expert on current business
  • Key decision maker
  • Highly-knowledgeable on business tasks

Named Support Contacts


  • 64% of Workday Pros are also Named Support Contacts
  • Primary contact with Workday
  • Trained in functional and technical areas
  • Submits, updates, and views cases (including tenant management)

Former Consultants

  • Many of our certifications can be converted into Workday Pro accreditations
  • Work with your Training Coordinator to submit a Training case in the Workday Customer Center to learn more

For an overview of roles and training guidance, watch the Training Recommendations Webinar.

Resources to Become a Workday Pro

Workday Pro Course Matrix

Use the Workday Pro Course Matrix to see which Workday Education classes qualify for a Workday Pro track. To see this information organized by Workday Pro track, review the Workday Pro Track to Required Courses Matrix.

Manager Proposal

Help your manager understand the benefits for both you and your organization by using the Workday Pro Manager Proposal to summarize the components, cost, and value of Workday Pro in a proposal email.

Workday Pro Exam Resources

Review the Concept Sheets and exam overview on the Workday Pro Exam Resources page to best prepare for the Workday Pro exam.


Training Coordinators can submit a Training case via the Workday Customer Center to get more information about anything—offerings, purchasing training, etc. For information on how to log a training support case, review the FAQ.

For information on other training offerings, reference Workday Education.