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Web Service: Absence_Management (v23.0)

The Absence Management Web Service contains operations that expose absence-related data, including Employee Time Off and Absence Inputs for time off and accrual adjustments and overrides, and Leave Requests, in Workday Human Capital Management Business Services.



Operation Description
Adjust_Time_Off This operation will adjust an existing time off entry. The adjusted units must be passed in (and not the corrected units). This operation uses the Correct Time Off business process event. 
Enter_Time_Off This operation will add new time off entries. It uses the Request Time Off business process event. 
Get_Absence_Inputs This operation will get information for Accrual or Time Off Adjustments/Overrides for employees and/or batch id's specified in the request or information for all if no criteria is specified in the request. 
Get_Override_Balances This operation sets Time Off Plan Override Balances for an Employee and Time Off Plan with the supplied information. 
Get_Time_Off_Plan_Balances This operation retrieves the dynamic Time Off Plan Balances by Worker and Time Off Plan. 
Put_Absence_Input This operation adds a new Accrual or Time Off Adjustment/Override for an Employee (or updates an existing Adjustment/Override) with the supplied information. NOTE : This web service went through a breaking change for Workday 16. In Workday 14 and 15, unbounded Absence_Input_Line_Data elements were allowed within an Absence_Input_Data element. Going forward, Workday 16 does use Absence_Input_Line_Data elements and the data has been moved to the Absence_Input_Data parent element. If the older Workday schema is submitted, the first Absence_Input_Line_Data element is used and transformed internally to the updated schema. All nested Absence_Input_Line_Data elements beyond the first are ignored. 
Put_Override_Balance This operation will add or update a new Time Off Plan Override Balance record for a given Employee and Time Off Plan. 
Request_Leave_of_Absence This operation will add new leave of absence requests. It uses the Request Leave of Absence business process event and its sub business processes. 
Request_Return_from_Leave_of_Absence This operation will add new return from leave of absence requests. It uses the Request Return from Leave of Absence business process event and its sub business processes.