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Web Service: Financial_Aid (v30.2)

This web service is for the Financial Aid module



Operation Description
Get_Direct_Loan_Disbursements The Direct Loan School Account Statement (DLSAS) is provided by the Department of Education to schools. It helps schools compare their Direct Loan cash and disbursement transaction information for a given period of time with those of the Department of Education. This web service provides institutions a way to pull their disbursement records out of Workday and into Direct Loan Tools to perform the actual reconciliation process. 
Get_Financial_Aid_ISIR_Notes This Web Service retrieves Student Financial Aid ISIR Notes 
Get_Financial_Aid_Notes Retrieves Financial Aid notes 
Get_ISIR_Transactions Get operation for ISIR File and ISIR Transaction data 
Get_Student_Additional_Data_for_Student_and_Academic_Period DEPRECATED Get Student Additional Data for Student Period Records by Student Reference and Academic Period Reference. 
Get_Student_Aggregate_Awards Returns Student Aggregate Award by Reference ID, or Name and/or Amount. Returns all Student Aggregate Award if no Reference ID or criteria is provided. 
Get_Student_Award_Items Returns information for Student Award Items specified in the request. If the request does not specify a Student Award Item, this operation returns information for all Student Award Items. 
Get_Student_Loan_Applications Gets data about a Student Loan Application or all Student Loan Applications if a reference to one is not provided. 
Get_Student_Preliminary_Awards Returns Student Preliminary Awards by Reference ID, or Academic Period Reference, Academic Person Reference and/or Student Award Item Reference. Returns all Student Preliminary Awards if no Reference ID or criteria is provided. 
Get_Student_Sponsor_Contracts Returns Student Sponsor Contracts by Reference ID, or returns all Student Sponsor Contracts if no Reference ID is provided. 
Import_COD_Counseling COD Counseling Data Load 
Import_COD_Disbursement_Status COD Disbursement Status Data Load 
Import_COD_MPN COD MPN Data Load - Find Student by SSN, DOB and Last Name. Update all awards by Award Year and Federal Program ID with the MPN ID and MPN Expiration Date. 
Import_COD_Origination_Status COD Origination Status Data Load 
Import_External_Awards This process uses a Put-type web service operation to load a large number of External Awards for students. External Awards contain information from external agencies about potentially award-eligible students. An Import External Awards request will subsequently kick off the Packaging process to deliver these awards to the Students. 
Import_ISIR_Transaction High Volume Import ISIR File Web Service 
Import_Legacy_Financial_Aid_Packages Imports Legacy Financial Aid Packages. Workday will provide a web service implementers can use to import student packaging results from their legacy system. If any validations fail during the import, the line containing the validation should be skipped and not imported. 
Import_NSLDS_Transactions High-Volume web service to import many NSLDS Transactions. 
Import_Status_for_ISIR_Transactions High Volume Import ISIR File (specifically for updating Transaction Statuses for ISIR Transactions) Web Service. 
Import_Student_Additional_Data_for_Student_and_Academic_Period DEPRECATED This task edits the Student Additional Data fields for existing Student Period Records by Student reference and Academic Period reference. It will use the student's active student record and pick the Student Period Record based on academic period. 
Import_Student_Aggregate_Awards Imports Student Aggregate Awards. The post-processing of this web service task expects that all Student Aggregate Awards created via a single Import request will be for a single Student. 
Import_Student_Eligibility_Codes This process uses a Put-type web service operation to load Student Federal Aid Eligibility Codes for a large number of Students. However, instead of loading all the Student Eligibility Codes in a single transaction, the Import Web Service Process splits up the request into smaller chunks that are processed in separate XpressO Jobs. 
Import_Student_Sponsor_Contract Imports a single Student Sponsor Contract with multiple lines. Lines can be added or edited by ID. When editing a sponsor contract, leaving out existing contracts lines will not remove them from the contract. 
Import_Student_Transfer_Monitoring_Dates This task will take a reference to a Student and a Transfer Monitoring Date and updates the Student with the new date. If the date is omitted, it will clear the student's Transfer Monitoring Date 
Put_COD_Attendance_Dates Updates the Academic Year Start and End Dates, Loan Period Start and End Dates, and First and Second Anticipated Disbursement Dates for awards that match the specified Academic Record or Student Application, Award Year, Award Item, and Sequence Number 
Put_Federal_Verification_Status This task can be used to update the Federal Verification Status for a Student given a Financial Aid Award Year and Federal School Code Rule Set. Note that this task is update only, it may not be used to assign a Student a Federal Verification Status if they do not yet have an ISIR transaction 
Put_Financial_Aid_ISIR_Note This Web Service Creates/Edits Financial Aid ISIR Notes 
Put_Financial_Aid_Note This Web Service creates and edits Student Financial Aid Notes. 
Put_ISIR_Transaction Put operation for ISIR Transaction and ISIR Transaction Data 
Put_Status_for_ISIR_Transaction Put operation for ISIR Transaction that updates the ISIR's Transaction Status from "Ready to Transmit" to "Transmitted" 
Put_Student_Award_Item Creates a new Student Award Item (or updates an existing Student Award Item) with the information supplied in the request. 
Put_Student_Loan_Application Creates a new Student Loan Application (or updates an existing Student Loan Application) with the information supplied in the request. 
Put_Student_Preliminary_Award Creates a new Student Preliminary Award (or updates an existing Student Preliminary Award) with the information supplied in the request. 
Put_Student_Sponsor_Contract Creates a new Student Sponsor Contract (or updates an existing <Class Name>) with the information supplied in the request.