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Web Service: Inventory (v25.2)

The Inventory Web Service contains operations that expose Workday Financials Inventory data.



Operation Description
Get_Inventory_Balance Retrieve the result of Inventory Balances via Web Service operations 
Get_Inventory_Picking_Lists Get operation for Inventory Pick Lists 
Get_Inventory_Shipments To get inventory shipment instance via webservice, user can pass id of inventory shipment as parameter. 
Get_Inventory_Stock_Request This service operation will get Inventory Stock Request for the specified criteria. The request criteria can be for a single Inventory Stock Request based on Reference or multiple Inventory Stock Requests based on search criteria. 
Submit_Ad_Hoc_Put-Away Ad Hoc Put-Away web service for inventory. 
Submit_Inventory_Adjustment This service operation will adjust inventory quantity within an inventory location and submit it to the Adjust Inventory business process. 
Submit_Inventory_Cost_Adjustment Submit Inventory Cost Adjustment transaction 
Submit_Inventory_Move This service operation will move inventory from one inventory location to another and submit it to the Move Inventory business process. 
Submit_Inventory_Pick This service operation will pick inventory and submit it to the Pick Inventory business process. 
Submit_Inventory_Quick_Issue This service operation will issue out inventory and submit it to the Quick Issue Inventory business process. 
Submit_Inventory_Shipment Create inventory shipment and its business process via web service operation 
Submit_Inventory_Stock_Request This service operation will create Inventory Stock Request and it's Stock Request Lines and submit it to the Inventory Stock Request business process. 
Submit_Put-Away Submit put away transaction based on a Receipt, Shipment, or Inventory Return.