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Web Service: Learning (v29.0)

The Learning Web Service contains operations for creating, editing and retrieving Workday Learning related data such Courses, Course Offerings and Enrollments.



Operation Description
Get_Learning_Blended_Courses Retrieves blended courses. 
Get_Learning_Course_Offerings Retrieves blended course offerings. 
Get_Learning_Digital_Courses Retrieves digital courses. 
Get_Learning_Enrollments Retrieves enrollments. 
Get_Learning_Instructors Retrieves instructors. 
Get_Learning_Lessons Retrieves standalone lessons. 
Get_Learning_Other_Unit_Types Retrieves other unit types for digital and blended courses. 
Get_Learning_Topics Retrieves topics. 
Get_Sales_Items This service operation will add or update Sales Items. Sales items are goods and services which a company sells. Sales Item data includes Sales Item ID, Item Name, Revenue Category, Item Description, Item Identifier, Unit of Measure, Unit Price, Currency, Tax Applicability, Sales Item Group. The request criteria can be for a single transaction based on Reference, or all transaction can be retrieved if no criteria is specified. 
Manage_Learning_Course Updates or creates blended and digital courses. Uses the Manage Course business process. 
Manage_Lesson Updates or creates standalone lessons. Uses the Manage Lesson business process 
Put_Learning_Course_Offering Updates or creates blended course offerings. 
Put_Learning_Enrollment Updates or creates enrollments. 
Put_Learning_Instructor Updates or creates instructors. 
Put_Learning_Other_Unit_Type Updates or creates other unit types for digital and blended courses. 
Put_Learning_Topic Updates or creates topics.