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Web Service: Payroll_Interface (v31.2)

The Payroll Interface Web Service contains operations that expose Workday Human Capital Management Business Services data for integration with external payroll systems.



Operation Description
Get_Batches This operation retrieves data related to an externally loaded Batch and its associated Application Input (e.g. Payroll, External Payroll, Absence). 
Get_External_Pay_Groups This operation retrieves data related to an External Pay Group (e.g. Pay Group expected to have Payroll processed on an external non-Workday system). 
Get_External_Payroll_Inputs This operation retrieves data related to External Payroll Inputs (e.g. associated with an External Earning/Deduction). 
Get_Payees This operation retrieves data related to Payees (e.g. Employees) that belong to an External Pay Group (e.g. Pay Group expected to have Payroll processed on an external non-Workday system). Data returned includes Employment, Personal, Earnings and Deductions. 
Get_Period_Schedules Return Period Schedules 
Get_Worker_Costing_Allocations Get Worker- or Position Restrictions-based costing allocations, either for specific criteria or for all workers or positions. Can include only the external integration references or the full allocation details. 
Get_Worker_Effective_Change_Integration_Systems This Public Web Service Operation returns Worker Effective Change Integration System Instances. Users can request for set of instances to return by this operation. When no instances provided this Operation returns all Instances. 
Import_External_Payroll_Results This background service operation will add, update or delete External Payroll Result(s), External Payroll Result Line(s), External Payroll Run Detail(s) and Application Batch (which is used to uniquely identify External Payroll Run Detail(s)) into Workday. This import service is intended only to be invoked from an integration process. This import is asynchronous and the response will only be an acknowledgement or receipt. 
Put_Batch DEPRECATED This operation allows for the loading/updating of a Batch. 
Put_External_Pay_Group This web service operation allows the user to do the following: 1 - Update Last Extract Created for External Pay Group by providing External Pay Group Reference, Integration System Reference, and Date Time. 2 - Update External Payroll Period Status by providing Pay Group Reference, Period Reference, and Period Status Reference. Note: Put Pay Group (Web Service) allows the user to add/update the full External Pay Group instance with all required details. 
Put_External_Payroll_Actuals This operation, designed to support eligibility, gives you the ability to import third-party payroll actual hours worked into Workday. 
Put_External_Payroll_Input This operation accepts periodic employee pay data from an external partner for use in Payroll Interface web service APIs. 
Put_External_Payroll_Results This public web service operation allows the input of multiple payroll results from external systems into Workday. 
Put_Period_Schedule This public web service operation is designed to add/update Period Schedules 
Put_Worker_Effective_Change_Integration_Systems This Web Service operation will create/update entries for Primary run Last Created Date time for Worker Effective Change Integration Systems.