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Web Service: Performance_Management (v25.2)

The Performance Management Web Service contains operations that expose Workday Employee Performance Management Business Services data. This Web Service can be used for integration with other employee performance management systems.



Operation Description
Get_Certification_Issuers This operation retrieves the certification issuers that are currently defined. 
Get_Certifications This operation retrieves the certifications that are currently defined. 
Get_Competencies This operation retrieves the Competencies currently defined. 
Get_Competency_Categories Get all competency categories 
Get_Degrees This operation retrieves the educational degrees that are currently defined. 
Get_Educational_Institution_Types This operation retrieves the Educational Institution Types that are currently defined; 
Get_Employee_Reviews This operation exports all in-progress and completed Employee Reviews for all workers from the tenant. It also allows exporting an Employee Review specified by WID or Reference ID. The results returned by this operation are unsecured. 
Get_Feedback_Badges This operation allows the getting of Feedback Badges. 
Get_Fields_Of_Study This operation will get the Field of Studies currently defined. 
Get_Goal_Units Task to export all ~Goal~ Units from the tenant. 
Get_Skill_Source_Precedences Get all skill source precedences 
Import_Employee_Reviews Import Employee Reviews from a 3rd party system. 
Manage_Goals This operation allows adding a new worker goal and editing an existing goal for a worker. 
Put_Certification This operation allows for adding and updating certifications. 
Put_Certification_Issuer This operation allows for adding and updating certification issuers. 
Put_Competency This operation adds or updates a Competency. 
Put_Competency_Category Add/Update instances of competency category. 
Put_Degree This operation adds or updates a Degree. 
Put_Educational_Institution_Type This operation adds or updates an Educational Institution Type. 
Put_Feedback_Badge This web service task can be used to add, edit, and remove Feedback Badges. 
Put_Field_Of_Study This operation adds or updates a Field Of Study. 
Put_Goal_Unit This web service task can be used to add, edit, and remove ~Goal~ Units. 
Start_Performance_Review DEPRECATED: This web service operation is deprecated. Please use Import Employee Reviews web service operation instead. This operation will create a completed performance review for an employee. It allows for entry of Overall Ratings and Comments for the employee self evaluation and manager evaluation. 
Update_Employee_Review_Rating This operation allows for the updating of the manager's overall rating for an employee review. The following request parameters are used to find the correct review to update: Employee Reference, Review Type Reference, Period Start Date, Period End Date. The following request parameters are used to update the manager's rating information for the review: Rating Reference, Overall Rating Override.