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Web Service: Student_Core (v33.1)

Web Service for creating, editing and retrieving objects related to students' personal information, such as Student Documents.



Operation Description
Add_Student_Document Creates a new Student Document for a Student. 
Delete_Student_Document Deletes an existing Student Document. 
Edit_Student_Document Updates an existing Student Document with the information supplied in the request. 
Get_Athletic_Team_Members Retrieves information for Athletic Team Members by Reference ID, or all Athletic Team Members if no reference is provided. 
Get_Athletic_Teams Returns Athletic Teams by Reference ID, or returns all Athletic Teams if no Reference ID is provided. 
Get_Student_Documents Returns Student Documents by Reference ID. 
Put_Athletic_Team Creates a new Athletic Team (or updates an existing Athletic Team) with the information supplied in the request. 
Put_Athletic_Team_Members Adds students to and removes students from an athletic team through student cohort manual assignments.