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Operation: Put_Time_Clock_Events

Add time clock events from a 3rd party time collection system. Workday Time Tracking will process these time clock events into reported and calculated time blocks. The Time Clock Event Time and Clock Event Type Reference will be verified immediately. All other attributes will be persisted, but will be validated by subsequent, non-web service, business processes.

@ - A parameter name with this symbol denotes an XML attribute within the document instead of an XML element.



Web Service








Request Element: Put_Time_Clock_Events_Request

Load instances of External Time Clock Events.
Parameter name Type/Value Cardinality Description Validations
@version string [0..1] Web Service version  
Time_Clock_Event_Data  Time_Clock_Event_Data  [1..*]  Data related to the time clock event(s) to be processed.   

Response Element: Put_Time_Clock_Events_Response

Response element from loading an instance of an External Time Clock Event
Parameter name Type/Value Cardinality Description Validations
@version string [0..1] Web Service version  
Response_Text  string  [0..1]  Response text   


part of: Put_Time_Clock_Events_Request
Data related to the time clock event(s) to be processed.
Parameter name Type/Value Cardinality Description Validations
Time_Clock_Event_ID  string  [0..1]  Reference ID to identify the Time Clock Event   
Delete_Time_Clock_Event  boolean  [0..1]  Flag to indicate whether the Time Clock Event should be deleted   
Employee_ID  string  [0..1]  Employee associated with the time clock event.   
Position_ID  string  [0..1]  Position associated with the time clock event.   
Time_Clock_Event_Date_Time  dateTime  [0..1]  Date and time of the Time Clock Event. If you do not include a UTC offset, Workday assumes a 0 offset.   
Time_Entry_Code  string  [0..1]  Time Entry Code specified by worker.   
Project_ID  string  [0..1]  Project ID specified by worker.   
Task_ID  string  [0..1]  Project Task ID specified by worker.   
Clock_Event_Type_Reference  Time_Punch_TypeObject  [0..1]  Punch Type: In, Break, Meal, or Out.   
Override_Rate  decimal (10, 6) >0   [0..1]  Override Rate specified by worker.   
Business_Unit  string  [0..1]  Business Unit specified by worker.   
Cost_Center  string  [0..1]  Cost Center specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_01  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 01 specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_02  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 02 specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_03  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 03 specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_04  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 04 specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_05  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 05 specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_06  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 06 specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_07  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 07 specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_08  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 08 specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_09  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 09 specified by worker.   
Custom_Organization_10  string  [0..1]  Custom Organization 10 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_01  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 01 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_02  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 02 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_03  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 03 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_04  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 04 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_05  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 05 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_06  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 06 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_07  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 07 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_08  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 08 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_09  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 09 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_10  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 10 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_11  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 11 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_12  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 12 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_13  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 13 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_14  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 14 specified by worker.   
Custom_Worktag_15  string  [0..1]  Custom Worktag 15 specified by worker.   
Fund  string  [0..1]  Fund specified by worker.   
Gift  string  [0..1]  Gift specified by worker   
Grant  string  [0..1]  Grant specified by worker.   
Job_Profile  string  [0..1]  Job Profile specified by worker.   
Location  string  [0..1]  Location specified by worker.   
Program  string  [0..1]  Program specified by worker.   
Region  string  [0..1]  Region specified by worker.   
Comment  string  [0..1]  Comment added to time clock event.   


part of: Time_Clock_Event_Data
Parameter name Type/Value Cardinality Description Validations
@Descriptor  string  [1..1]  Display information used to describe an instance of an object. This 'optional' information is for outbound descriptive purposes only and is not processed on inbound Workday Web Services requests.   
ID  Time_Punch_TypeObjectID  [0..*]  Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.   


part of: Time_Punch_TypeObject
Contains a unique identifier for an instance of an object.
Parameter name Type/Value Cardinality Description Validations
#text  string       
@type  WID, Clock_Event_Type  [1..1]  The unique identifier type. Each "ID" for an instance of an object contains a type and a value. A single instance of an object can have multiple "ID" but only a single "ID" per "type".   


part of: Time_Punch_TypeObjectID
Base Type