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Web Service: Workday_Connect (v33.1)

Get and put web services used for communication capabilities across applications.



Operation Description
Get_Campaign_Categories This service is used to retrieve both tenanted and metadata Campaign Categories. The operation takes three distinct requests: - References of categories - Criteria filled out - Neither filled out, which returns all categories in the tenant. 
Get_Connect_Audiences Retrieves information about audiences used in connect tasks. 
Get_Connect_Campaigns Returns information for campaigns, related items and reminders for campaigns specified in the request. 
Get_Message_Template Returns information for message templates specified in the request. 
Get_Message_Template_Translation Retrieves all languages a message template has been translated to. 
Put_Campaign_Category This Put operation is used to submit Tenant instances of Campaign Categories. 
Put_Connect_Audience Create an audience to use in connect tasks. 
Put_Message_Template Adds or updates message template with the information supplied in the request. 
Put_Message_Template_Translation Warning: Any existing translations will be overridden with new values in request. Used to add or edit translations on message template. A message template and user language is required, and all the translatable fields are optional. 
Submit_Connect_Campaign Create a campaign and related items and reminders