Workday Touchpoints Kit Overview

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Workday Touchpoints Kit Summary

The Workday Touchpoints Kit is a collection of diagrams, heat maps, and organizational details that illustrate the connection points across all product areas within the Workday suite. These tools can be leveraged by customers and consultants alike to anticipate and plan for the big picture impact of design changes.

The Workday Touchpoints Kit is housed on Workday Community. Once you have completed either the Getting Started with Workday Touchpoints training or any of our Workday Pro tracks, you will be able to access the Kit.

What's Included in the Workday Touchpoints Kit:

  1. Touchpoints Diagrams are high-level models of the tenant that define interactions within system boundaries, as well as with external entities. 
  2. Design Heatmaps offer data visualizations mapped by color-scale, which explains the weight and importance of changes across design attributes. 
  3. Organizational Details outline how organizations are used by different product areas, as well as which group is the decision owner in each context.

Want to see inside the Workday Touchpoint Kit? Check out the Workday Touchpoints Kit Playbook.


Introduction to the Workday Touchpoints Kit [1:17]

Learn how the Touchpoints Kit came about and how it's mobilized by our ecosystem. 
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How to Access 

There are two ways to gain access to the Workday Touchpoints Kit. Once you have completed either option, you will be able to access the Workday Touchpoints Kit on Workday Community.

1. Complete the Getting Started with Workday Touchpoints training curriculum.

This self-paced training helps prepare new and existing customers to make educated design and configuration decisions during initial and subsequent deployments of Workday. Learn more about Getting Started with Workday Touchpoints training.

  • Audience: Project Manager / Business User / Functional Lead / Executive / Administrator
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Cost: 0.5 Training Units (or $350)
  • Delivery: Online training

2. Become a Workday Pro.  

Workday Pro is customer accreditation program designed for those who have, or want to achieve, Workday expertise like that of a Workday-certified consultant. It consists of a number of tracks, each with a series of courses, and written tests. Accredited Workday Pros receive membership in the private Community group, full access to the Workday Touchpoints Kit, as well as update training with each new Workday release--all for no additional cost. Learn more about Workday Pro.

  • Audience: Workday Administrators / Integrations Leads
  • Duration: Varies by track
  • Cost: Varies by track
  • Delivery: Online and In-Person training



Benefits in Action [1:46]

Workday experts share the advantages of the Touchpoints Kit based on their first-hand experience. 
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Benefits of the Workday Touchpoints Kit

  • Accelerate Deployment - With contextualized product knowledge, teams are able to make confident design decisions, lay an interconnected system groundwork, and create tailored solutions that transform their business.
  • Re-Envision Change Management - The Workday Touchpoints Kit allows teams to reduce the stress of extensive testing and anticipate design risks before they even happen.
  • Enhance Collaboration - By offering a source of truth about the functionalities and dependencies in every product area, the Workday Touchpoints Kit allows for a purposeful cross-team dialogue that satisfies the needs of all involved.
  • Boost Self-Sufficiency - With the Workday Touchpoints Kit, teams can understand the nature and extent of design changes from all directions, allowing them to make informed decisions after deployment without heavy consultant involvement.
  • Strategize your Workday Footprint - The Workday Touchpoints Kit highlights functional overlaps and demystifies new combinations of tools, enabling teams to analyze which add-ons will be most impactful for their business, all while maximizing organizational time and resources.
  • Gain Up-to-date Expertise - The Workday Touchpoints Kit is maintained by Workday experts and updated to capture the new enhancements with each Workday release. By helping them evolve their knowledge with the product, the Workday Touchpoints Kit empowers customers to innovate in a truly unified framework.


Hear from Our Customers 

"The Workday Touchpoints Kit training provided the best, most complete overview of how Workday works that I’ve seen…”

-Sarah Merriweather

"Workday Touchpoints Kit is a great tool you can use to see the dependencies between systems to ensure your feature updates don't affect other areas of the system.”

-Justin Bitner
Director, Financial Information Systems